Sunken concrete in front of garage doors is one of the most common problems.  Getting that concrete level again prevents water from running toward the footings

Make sidewalks safe again for people and pets.  After concrete leveling is complete we also offer crack caulking or we can advise the do-it-yourself customers on what tools and products to use.

Sidewalks in condominium communities, neighborhoods and trailer parks that have sunk over time are a common problem creating trip hazards, water puddling and ice patches in winter near pedestrian walkways.

The concrete raising process

We offer a variety of concrete leveling solutions for drivewways, walks, patios, pools... & more

Commercial  Sidewalks - Before and AFTER


Garage Entrances

Concrete leveling will redirect water away from foundations and eliminate trip hazards

Concrete Leveling services.

 Repair concrete by concrete leveling for a fraction of concrete replacement costs.

Raising concrete to its original position eliminates trip hazards, drains water away from your foundations and just looks great.  Most jobs are completed in 2 hours and costs about 70% less than concrete replacement.  Leave your landscape undisturbed and your yard in tact with are strategic method of restoring your concrete to its original level .  


We will drill 5/8 inch holes in several places along the sunken edges.  Then polyurethane liquid is pumped through the holes and under the concrete repair area.  The poly foam spreads to about a 3 foot diameter puddle and after about 15 seconds it expands putting pressure on the bottom of the slab to raise it back to its original height.  The small holes are then patched, job complete.

Your level driveway is ready for foot traffic in 30 minutes and vehicle traffic in 3 hours.